Two best VPNs for Chinese or when traveling in China: fast, stable and encrypted

It’s more and more difficult for Chinese to bypass infamous GFW(which is short for Great Firewall) and gain information freedom since China government has officially noticed that selling or renting unauthorized VPN is not illegal and tightened regulation of Internet.

If you are Chinese or you are traveling in China and seeking for a stable and fast VPN at the same time, two fast best VPNs are firmly recommended to you.

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Hurts a lot, selling VPN services has been illegal in China now without government approval

China banned VPN providers business notice

MIIT which is short for mainland the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (of the People’s Republic of China) has announced all VPN service providers must gain prior government approval before they begin to run VPN business in China mainland. The move hurts thousands of Chinese VPN vendors a lot, they may be arrested because of selling VPN services.At the same time, the crackdown makes VPN providers outside of China more difficult to expand the market.

illegal used VPN in China and MIIT notice

screenshot from

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